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ICD-10: What Control is not

Inside Angle blogger Rhonda Butler talks about new boundaries in the classification for Control in ICD-10, including why the definition was revised, and what is not included in the root operation Control.

Warning: This blog may be pretty heavy going for non-coders. Possible side effects include, but are not limited to, uncontrolled eye-rolling, heavy-sigh-induced hypoxemia, facial tics and persistent vegetative state. If symptoms persist for seven days, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Read Rhonda's blog.

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3M Health Information Systems Integrates McKesson InterQual Connect into 3M ClinTrac Product Suite
McKesson Health Solutions' InterQual Connect is now being integrated with the 3M ClinTrac Suite from 3M Health Information Systems. 3M Health Information Systems is the first vendor of provider care management and revenue cycle software to bring InterQual Connect’s medical review and automated authorization capabilities to its customers.

MIPS: Will You Earn More or Less Money?
Starting January 2016, most physicians in Medicare will have to report quality mesures under a new program called the Merit-Based Incetive Payment System (MIPS). Many details of the MIPS program won't be known until the final rule is issued. However, experts in measurement programs have been drawing many tentative conclusions. In this article from Medscape, 3M's L. Gordon Moore, MD provides answers to some physician concerns about MIPS.

Mastering the Complexities of MSSP ACO Payment at Janesville, Wisconsin’s Mercy Health System
How does participation in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) affect coding practices? Mercy Health System partnered with 3M Health Information Systems to optimize reimbursement under the system. Ladd Udy, director of population health and ACO for Mercy Health, shares his learnings around optimizing coding under the MSSP program.

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Coding and the Third-Party Option
In the preparation for ICD-10, many orgnaizations looked to outsourcing coding to balance their workloads. Sue Belley, manager of clinical content development for 3M HIS, and Patricia Jones head of coding quality and ICD-10 at Inova Health System speak with For the Record on the merits of outsourced coding.

For true value-based care, focus on outcomes instead of processes
A new study from 3M Clinical and Economic Research demonstrates that outcomes measures are more effective than process measures in driving value-based care.

Read more at RevCycle Intelligence.

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