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In the EHR era, these documentation darlings are lending physicians a helping hand. But at what cost?

Will the growing use of medical scribes decrease the need for medical transcriptionists? As documentation demands increase for physicians, and organizations enlist scribes to offset the additional workload, Jill Devrick, MPA, 3M product solutions advisor, explores the evolving role of MTs in promoting complete and accurate EHR documentation.

Read Jill's interview in For The Record.

For more insight on physicians and documentation, watch this video from Dr. Tom Kravis of 3M.

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Video: Physicians and CDI
Dr. Tom Kravis, MD, physician executive at 3M Health Information Systems, says: “As a physician, I know how busy a physician’s day can be. Between seeing my patients, hospital rounds, documenting each encounter, reading dozens of charts and test reports, team meetings, and unplanned emergencies, they must also respond ASAP to queries from CDI specialists asking for even more information about their patients.”

Podcast: Healthcare Payment Reform and Outcomes Measurement
In an information-packed interview with Kip Piper of the Piper Report, Dr. Norbert Goldfield, medical director for 3M Health Information Systems, discusses advances in linking healthcare payment to patient outcomes. Replacing traditional fee-for-service reimbursement with outcomes-based payment models depends on data-driven systems that align clinical and financial performance.

Low-Cost Outliers as Alternatives to the Two-Midnight Rule
Does the CMS two-midnight rule create an adversarial dynamic between physicians and hospitals? In this article for Healthcare Financial Management Magazine, 3M authors Richard Averill and Richard Fuller argue that a low-cost outlier policy strikes a balance to the rule without the use of length-of-stay thresholds.

ICD-10: Testing Back in the news
In a live podcast from ICD10 Monitor's Talk Ten Tuesdays, Thomas C. Kravis, MD, 3M Physician Executive, provides background on the recent study, "Cost of Converting Small Physician Practices to ICD-10 Much Lower than Reported," conducted by 3M Health Information Systems, which was recently published in the Journal of AHIMA. According to Dr. Kravis, the costs of ICD-10 conversion for small physician practices are significantly lower than originally estimated. (15:10-18:32)

Estimating the Cost of Conversion to ICD-10 for a Small Physician Office
A study published in the Journal of AHIMA presents new data on the cost of ICD-10 conversion for small physician practices. The authors -- Thomas C. Kravis, MD, Susan Belley, M Ed, RHIA, Donna M. Smith, RHIA, and Richard F. Averill, MS, all with 3M Health Information Systems -- examined the elements of a successful ICD-10 conversion, including training, code books, end to end testing, and super bill conversion. The study determined that costs, time, and resources required by physician offices ranged from $1,960 - $5,900, which is dramatically lower than initially estimated.

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