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Aug 07 2014
3M Webinar: Easy, outsourced outpatient coding
Join this free webinar and learn more about how 3M's outpatient coding services can help reduced your backlogs and increase your productivity. Whether short-term or long-term, the 3M CodeRyte CodeComplete team can work for you, and their certified coding experts can code notes from E/M, radiology, pathology, and many more.

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Jul 30 2014
3M Webinar: Quick and Accurate Radiology Reporting
Learn about the latest 3M technology for radiology coding in this free webinar with Greg Allsop. He will discuss how 3M ChartScriptMD Software for Radiology is a complete, no-compromise voice-to-coding solution, and how it can improve the overall efficiency of the radiology department.

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Jul 16 2014
3M Webinar: Using 3M PPRs & PPCs to Measure the Triple Aim
Learn about how 3M PPR and PPC software can help your hospital meet and surpass the objectives of your state patient safety and reporting initiatives by joining us for a complimentary webinar outlining the many benefits of using 3M quality measures.

Jul 10 2014
Population Health Management
Wondering how you will take on the data and analytics challenges facing your hospital? This one-hour webinar will give you the opportunity to learn more about how Treo, part of 3M Health Information Systems, can help you make the necessary transformative adjustments to address population health and take on these challenges in an ever-changing world.

Jun 26 2014
Establishing a Second Level Review Process
This course will provide basic introduction on the establishment of a second level review process, and how a documentation improvement program supports the success of this initiative.  This webinar will also help establish why a second level review process is key in helping ensure the following objectives:

  • Accurate coding and DRG assignments
  • Appropriate level of care to avoid patient status billing errors
  • Physicians, coders, and case managers focus on accurate and complete medical record documentation to support the medical necessity of the hospital admission as well as accurate and complete coding of diagnosis and procedures resulting in the correct DRG assignment.

Jun 24 2014
Decoding 3M's ambulatory CAC: Focus on OP specialty coding
How does 3M’s ambulatory computer-assisted coding solution make sense of the many coding rules, requirements and regulations, boost clients’ productivity and support compliance? Join our complimentary webinar where you’ll hear our team of coding analysts describe how our natural language processing platform caters to nuances in specialty coding.

This webinar was held on June 24.  You can access and archive here.

Jun 18 2014
Improving medical necessity compliance
From registration to claims processing, medical necessity validation affects the whole revenue cycle process. But medical necessity is complex and the policies change often. So, how do you meet all these medical necessity challenges?

3M has the answer. Join our complimentary webinar, on Wednesday, June 18 to find out.

This webinar was held on June 18.  You can access an archive here.

Jun 12 2014
Inpatient Payment Transformation (APR-DRG) Initiatives
Public and commercial organizations in more than thirty states use the 3M APR-DRG methodology for payment or public quality reporting.

Join Treo Solutions and 3M Health Information Systems for a complimentary, one-hour webinar where you will learn:

•The rationale for why states are implementing APR-DRGs
•Options and alternatives to APR-DRGs
•Challenges and opportunities when using APR-DRGs
•APR-DRG reimbursement features
•Lessons learned from states who have implemented APR-DRGs

Jun 11 2014
3M Webinar: Use the ICD-10 delay to your advantage
Now that there’s more time, do you have what you need to implement and measure the impact of ICD-10 quickly and efficiently?

This webinar was held on June 11. You can access an archive here.

May 14 2014
3M's ambulatory CAC "decoded": Explore the basics of our platform
3M's ambulatory CAC "decoded": Explore the basics of our platform
You know 3M offers professional computer-assisted coding (CAC). But how does it work?

This webinar was held on May 14. You can access an archive here.

Apr 10 2014
3M Webinar: Making sense of your data, your EHR and MU all at once
You know MU is important and you know your EHR is certified for it. But what does that really mean? What exactly do you need to do with your data to maximize your EHR investment? Learn what your systems can do and what you are missing.

This webinar was held on April 10. You can access an archive here.

Apr 02 2014
Professional, E/M computer-assisted coding: 3M makes it happen
Did you know 3M CodeRyte CodeAssist brings these benefits directly to professional and E/M coding? See our pro fee solution in action.

This webinar was held on April 2. You can access an archive here.

Mar 06 2014
3M Webinar: Why CDI is crucial to your ICD-10 success
Accurate clinical documentation becomes more crucial than ever with ICD-10 implementation. This webinar discussion of how organizations both large and small can achieve sustained improvement and significant financial returns.

This webinar was held on March 6. You can access an archive here.

Feb 19 2014
Manage staff shortages from now through ICD-10 implementation
This webinar discusses how to maintain your crucial HIM operations and productivity during the ICD-10 transition.

This webinar was held on February 19. You can access an archive here.

Feb 12 2014
Do you still have time for comprehensive ICD-10 training?
This webinar for a close look at how the 3M ICD-10 Education Program can help your organization prepare for a successful ICD-10 transition. Starting now can help you avoid the potential productivity and financial impact of not being prepared.

This webinar was held on February 12. You can access an archive here.

Jan 30 2014
Problem lists ready for ICD-10? This 3M webinar takes on the task
Learn how hospitals and physician practices can speed ICD-10 code conversion of their problem lists with the latest release of the 3M ICD-10 CTT. The enhanced technology converts ICD-9-based custom problem lists into ICD-10-coded problem lists for import back into the EHR system.

This webinar was held on January 30. You can access an archive here.

Aug 06 2013
Experience a Smooth Transition: 3M™ ICD-10 Education Webinar
View the free webinar to learn more from 3M experts on how the 3M™ ICD-10 Education Program can help your organization have a successful ICD-10 transition.  

Jun 04 2013
2013 AHIMA Webinar Series
Amy Sheide, RN, BSN, MPH, Medical Informaticist with 3M Health Information Systems, presents "Customizing your Certified Electronic Record Technology (CEHRT) to effectively attain organizational objectives and arrive at Meaningful Use (MU) compliance: solutions in integrating data from multiple EHR Vendors” as a part of AHIMA's 2013 webinar series.

Jun 04 2013
HIM Leaders: You're changing how health care works
Join our panel of top 3M experts for a live Q&A session about the expanding role of HIM leaders in achieving and sustaining data integrity for accurate reimbursement, quality reporting, and real-time impact on patient care.

Apr 04 2013
3M Q&A: HIM Leaders and the Digitization of Healthcare
Join a panel of top 3M experts for a Q&A session on how HIM leaders can help achieve data integrity with new technologies.

Feb 27 2013
ICD-10 translation is manageable if you start now
Join us for a close look at the 3M™ ICD-10 Code Translation Tool (CTT) and learn how you can automate your translation, create mappings, and assess the impact of ICD-10 implementation.

Feb 21 2013
3M Q&A: HIM Leaders Play a Vital Role in Data Integrity
Join our panel of top 3M experts on February 21, 2013, for the first in a series of live Q&A sessions that will discuss the expanding role of HIM leaders in achieving and sustaining data integrity.

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