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Henry Ford Health System's CDI program achieves dramatic financial results.

Henry Ford Health System in Detroit used advanced analytics and the 3M 360 Encompass System to drive CDI results at four hospitals. Borrowing triage and dispatch principles from the ambulance industry, they created a daily case assignment system which prioritizes patient cases that would most benefit from documentation review. In an interview with Healthcare Finance, the HFHS team reports CDI has contributed $20 million to the bottom line.

Read how they did it at Healthcare Finance.

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This Will Go On Your Permanent Record—Or Will It?
The debate surrounding physician queries focuses on several issues, however reimbursement and physician satisfaction remain top concerns. Cheryl Manchenton, project manager and quality services lead for 3M HIS Consulting Services delves into the importance of queries.

MDH study yields first statewide estimate of potentially preventable health care events
More than 1 million emergency department visits, 70,000 hospital admissions, and about 22,000 hospital readmissions in Minnesota possibly could have been prevented, according to a new Minnesota Department of Health Study.

These potentially preventable events resulted in nearly $2 billion in costs. The MN Department of Health used the 3M Potentially Preventable Events (3M PPEs) classification system and data analytic services from 3M Health Information Systems to complete the study.

State of Minnesota Selects 3M Data Analytics to Drive Health Care Improvement
The State of Minnesota has selected 3M as its analytics contractor to support Minnesota's Integrated Health Partnership (IHP) demonstration, a groundbreaking initiative that tests new approaches to health care delivery and payment.

Read the full press release here.

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A better road to data interoperability?
Health IT News examines new EHR platforms that are aiding the mover toward ERH interoperability. 3M Health Information Systems president JaeLynn Williams, identifies what market trends will have the greatest impact.

Improving MD Documentation and Clinical Decision Support Processes in Wheeling, West Virginia
Healthcare Informatics interviewed senior executives from Wheeling Hospital in West Virginia about how they are leveraging the 3M 360 Encompass MD System to help physicians capture complete and accurate documentation.

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Video: Learn more about 3M 360 Encompass MD.

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