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Apr 19 2017
How can aligning with Medicaid initiatives improve healthcare value?
Value-based payment (VBP) is top of mind for all who work with a Medicaid population in states across the country. Medicaid has become the nation’s most consequential health program, implementing new health care delivery systems and other VBP initiatives. In response, managed care plans are tasked with creating new opportunities to improve access to quality, equitable care that incentivizes value over volume.

This webinar will discuss how 3M can help managed care organizations control the variation of costs within patient populations, measure total cost of care and help providers improve healthcare value.

Apr 13 2017
Medical necessity for short hospital stays
The decision to admit a patient is a complex medical judgment with many ramifications. Physicians must consider diverse clinical factors, the types of facilities available to inpatients and to outpatients, the hospital's by-laws and admissions policies, and the relative appropriateness of treatment in each setting. Join Cathy Machacyk, senior 3M consultant, to explore the crucial takeaways from the Final Rule on patient placement.

Mar 22 2017
Collaboration Strategies for Quality Outcomes
Driving quality outcomes requires a carefully coordinated effort between HIM, CDI, Quality and Compliance departments—all working with providers to achieve the best patient outcomes. Not all hospitals work the same way. Also, with the steady shift toward increased outpatient care, effective collaboration is more crucial than ever. Join Cheryl Manchenton and Cathy Machacyk, senior 3M consultants, to discuss the unique roles involved and best practices for success.

This webinar was held on March 22. You can access an archive here.

Mar 02 2017
Predictions About Predictive Analytics: From Telescope to Microscope
This webinar discusses the future of “big data” in healthcare. Payers and providers are shifting to a microscope approach to actionable predictive analytics that takes a detailed look at the individual patterns that make up patient behavior and allows for identification of where real change can occur, rather than a telescope approach that focuses on gathering a universe of data.

This webinar was held on March 3. You can access an archive here.

Feb 22 2017
Quality checks on physician documentation
An effective clinical documentation improvement program encompasses far more than querying for discrepancies or missing documentation. CDI must ensure physician documentation is fully supported by the patient record. Donna Smith of 3M Consulting Services will explore crucial oversight processes, audit techniques, escalation policies, and 2017 ICD-10-CM guidelines—all to provide practical steps you can take to achieve compliance.

Ready to learn more about quality checks for physician documentation?

Dec 14 2016
Best practices: Hierarchical condition categories (HCCs) and value-based reimbursement (VBR)
In this webinar, subject matter experts Donna Smith and L. Gordon Moore will describe in detail 3M’s best practices for consistently capturing the most complete HCC and RAF scores for your patient population—an excellent way to start planning for success under value-based reimbursement (VBR).

This webinar was held on December 14. You can access an archive here.

Dec 08 2016
Using pediatric/neonatal quality indicators
Like quality indicators for the adult population, pediatric indicators use administrative data to establish validity, detect bias and adjust for risk. But many quality indicators for chronic diseases in adults simply don't apply. The Pediatric Quality Indicators (PQIs) focus on indicators such as heart surgery mortality, respiratory failure and postoperative sepsis applied specifically to children.

This webinar was held on December 8. You can access an archive here.

Nov 14 2016
Making sense of MACRA
Have you been leafing through all 2,000+ pages of the Final Rule? Scouring the internet to understand which changes will truly impact your bottom line?

Save yourself time and learn how your system can succeed under the new guidelines. Attend our live webinar on November 14, 1 p.m. ET, presented by Nathan M. Bays, Esquire, general counsel and executive director of The Health Management Academy.

This webinar was held on November 14. You can access an archive here.

Oct 13 2016
The quality quest heats up: Are you in the running?
As quality-dependent compliance and reimbursement increase, the pressure is on to find sophisticated solutions to capture accurate quality metrics. It’s no longer enough to try to improve patient care with old, and sometimes inaccurate, quality data. Moving the needle on clinical performance requires timely performance feedback—ideally while the patient is still in the hospital.

Please join us on Thursday, October 13 at 1 p.m. ET for a complimentary webinar on the quality functions available in the 3M™ 360 Encompass™ System. Learn how the platform delivers rich, reliable data on quality performance to enable a robust quality review process in real time. We will also discuss how the 3M 360 Encompass technology empowers organizations to both identify risks and pinpoint opportunities.

Sep 13 2016
Second Session: Sepsis—the new CMS Core Measure. Is your organization ready?
Core Measures: We all know they are essential for improving patient outcomes and receiving complete and accurate reimbursement from CMS.

Now that sepsis (the body’s life-threatening response to infection) is a CMS Core Measure, identifying and documenting sepsis accurately are going to directly influence your organization’s reimbursement. The challenge is that the requirements for sepsis are very specific; it is often difficult for coders, CDI specialists and physicians to know exactly how and when to diagnose and code it.

In this exclusive webinar, 3M’s Krysten Brooks will outline exactly how and when to recognize, diagnose and code sepsis, so that your organization can be prepared to meet the CMS Core Measure requirements.

This webinar was held September 13. You can access an archive here.

Sep 07 2016
Scary backlog? Staffing gaps? Take this webinar and call 3M in the morning
Got the coding Backlog Blues? 3M℠ CodeRyte℠ CodeComplete℠ Services can bring you coding relief and help speed up your professional fee revenue cycle.

3M CodeComplete is our fully outsourced service that offers a 48-hour turnaround time for coded medical records. 3M’s team of certified coders are experts in:

• Medical and surgical coding for technical and professional services
• CPT® coding, ICDs, DRGs, APCs and associated modifiers
• PQRS codes and modifiers

Sound good? See how 3M CodeComplete can fit into your organization.

This webinar was held on September 7. You can access an archive here.

Aug 31 2016
Physicians using the right codes? You sure?
With thousands of codes, bundling rules, modifiers, global windows, patient types and payer rules, even well-intentioned coders and physicians incorrectly identify service levels. Additionally, most physician practices don’t have the bandwidth to systematically audit and compare clinical documentation to the selected codes.

The most challenging of all? E/M coding.

Join us on Wednesday, August 31 at 1 p.m. ET for a complimentary webinar on the intersection of technology and coding compliance. Learn how natural language processing technology is helping strengthen E/M coding compliance and boost the auditing process. See how automated reviews can safeguard appropriate reimbursement, lessen your compliance risk and establish best practices.

This webinar was held on August 31. You can access an archive here.

Aug 04 2016
Leveraging data to reduce potentially preventable complications
As payment becomes increasingly performance based, both providers and payers are looking closely at data around Potentially Preventable Complications (PPCs). High-volume complications such as secondary pneumonia or catheter-related urinary tract infections can have significant impact on hospital length-of-stay and other factors that impact healthcare costs and the quality of patient care.

This webinar will explore PPC methodology, identify current industry practices, and provide an in-depth look at selected PPCs that have the most impact, including inclusion and exclusion criteria.  

Ready to learn more about how PPC methodology can impact your organization’s reimbursement and clinical outcomes?

This webinar was held on August 4. You can access an archive here.

Jul 20 2016
How your approach to quality impacts total performance scores
The advent of value-based purchasing and PSI 90 demands more efficient collaboration between HIM, CDI, and Quality teams to improve hospital quality metrics and methodology.

There are four domains that impact the Total Performance Score (TPS) and these reflect the hospital quality and adjustments are made to hospitals’ payments based on their performance. The four domains include Patient and Caregiver-Centered Experience of Care/Care Coordination, Safety, Clinical Care and Efficiency and Cost Reduction. The safety domain, which includes PSI 90 and some specific infections, will be 20% of the TPS in FY2017 and 25% in FY 2018.

This webinar will walk you through the Total Performance Score calculation and how the Value-Based Purchasing Program measures will impact payment.

This webinar was held on July 20. You can access an archive here.

Jun 27 2016
The intersection of data quality and your reimbursement
The healthcare landscape is changing in ways that will alter your reimbursement, and much of the change centers on the quality of your data. Alternative payment models, MIPS, government NCD and LCD policy changes – it’s hard to keep up with the acronyms, terminology and fast-changing regulatory landscape, but 3M can help.

Join our upcoming webinar to learn about what makes a quality data foundation and its current and future effects on your reimbursement. Learn how physician and coder audits can help you understand your current status and how to prepare for future changes.

This webinar was held on June 27. You can access an archive here.

May 25 2016
Effective strategies for managing special needs populations within value-based care
Special needs populations require special care. This calls for services that address mental health and substance abuse issues, certain comorbidities, economic disadvantages, housing instability, minorities, frail elderly, and chronically sick children. These members may also face unique challenges accessing care, such as lack of transportation.

The problem for health plans? These services generally cost more, especially if care is not managed appropriately. When reimbursement is tied to clinical outcomes, it's particularly important for providers to have access to these services so they can be successful under value-based payment.

This webinar explores how health plans can deliver care that is affordable, safe and accessible for special populations.

This webinar was held on May 25. You can access an archive here.

May 11 2016
What you don’t know about physician payment CAN hurt you!
This webinar will help you sort through the alphabet soup of physician reimbursement and profiling models. We will explore PQRS (Physician Quality Reporting System), Value Based Modifiers, and the new physician payment models that are part of Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA). MACRA eliminated the sustainable growth rate payment model, and will replace it with two new payment models: MIPS (Merit Based Incentive Payment Systems) and APMs (Alternate Payment Models). In this session, 3M reimbursement expert Cheryll Rogers will help you master the terminology, and help you identify how to prepare your revenue cycle for this value-based payment program. Think you don’t have to worry until 2019? Think again.

Join us to learn how revenue cycle leaders can prepare today.

This webinar was held on May 11. You can access an archive here.

Apr 07 2016
Improving your performance score under value-based purchasing
We’re into the third year with value-based purchasing (VBP) and many health systems are still receiving negative payment adjustments. What can HIM, CDI and quality leaders do to improve performance?

This webinar will help you learn industry best practices and better understand:

• Components of your total performace score
• Risk adjustment and its financial impact
• Hierarchical condition categories (HCCs)
• How HCCs are used in population health management and value-based purchasing
• How disease management and reporting affect risk scores

This webinar was held on April 7.  You can access an archive here.

Mar 30 2016
ICD-10 has been with us for almost six months. Now what?
Let’s take a minute and examine where you are now with your coding operations and the status of your operational metrics. Your team adapted (hopefully), but your volume continues to grow – and your staff isn’t. Or maybe operating costs are declining but your coding backlog is ballooning. You know it’s mission-critical to a healthy organization, but are you confident your pro fee coding is compliant? What codes work well in achieving the correct specificity? How well does computer-assisted coding work for pro fee?

Find out how 3M’s outpatient coding services are designed to answer these questions and more. Applying current quality standards, our certified coding experts can code notes from radiology, cardiology, pathology, IR/VIR, ED, E/M and many other specialties.

This webinar was held on March 30.  You can access an archive here.

Mar 10 2016
Driving quality outcomes with 3M APR DRG methodology
Never underestimate the power of knowing exactly how sick your patients are. The ability to accurately measure severity of illness (SOI) and risk of mortality (ROM) drives both quality outcomes and reimbursement. The ability to capture an accurate SOI/ROM picture of your patient population will impact value-based purchasing, readmissions risk, HCC relative factor measurement and other quality initiatives. Additionally, when 3M APR DRGs are utilized for payment in your state, precision with SOI and ROM measurement translates to improved reimbursement.

Learn why knowing how sick your patients are drives quality outcomes and reimbursement.

This webinar was held on March 10. You can access an archive here.

Feb 10 2016
Using Data Insights to Design and Implement Effective Managed Care Programs
As you tailor your services for an expanding Medicaid population, how do you detect high-risk members, engage them, design programs, and motivate physicians in order to promote high-quality, cost-effective healthcare? Learn how several managed Medicaid organizations effectively approached health assessments, patient segmentation, physician engagement and incentives and more.

This webinar was held on February 10. You can access an archive here.

Jan 27 2016
Why CDI is crucial for outpatient and physician services
As volume shifts from inpatient to outpatient services at hospitals and clinics, attention to clinical documentation improvement (CDI) is more crucial than ever. Outpatient reimbursement is diverse with multiple APC payments from one claim. Charges come in from various hospital departments, such as radiology, lab, and emergency. The claim scrubbing process often happens reactively on the back end.

The bottom line. Without an efficient review process, the risk of denials can only increase. Yet, in a recent 3M survey of outpatient and physician services, only five percent had a CDI program in place. This webinar reviews why an outpatient CDI program is essential and how to get started.

This webinar was held on January 27.  You can access an archive here.

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